Travel Guide: New York City

I went to New York City with my good girl friend, Michelle (follow her Instagram page @mappingmichelle)! We visited so many places, got some good shopping in, and ate some amazing food in New York City. I was mind blown by how thorough our trip was although it only lasted two full days! This was maybe my fifth or sixth time in this city but every experience was still new to me which was great. Here I share with you my trip to New York City.

Places to Visit

The highlight of this trip had to be the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, from Brooklyn to Manhattan. The views were truly breathtaking, and we got some iconic pictures! It was quite the experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done the walk yet.

We also went to Bryant Park where they had the Winter Village set up. There were cute little shops selling food and small giftable items which we briefly looked at. I would have liked to spend more time there, but we had other things planned. To anyone visiting the Village, I recommend spending a solid few hours going around the place to see all the little shops.

The last cool spot we visited was the Rockefeller Centre with the skating rink out at front. It’s a great spot for a photo, and though we didn’t go to the Top of the Rock, we surely plan to next time! For this time around, the skating rink was a cute spot to check out the skaters and get a photo.


We had two wonderful bagels in New York City, one at Zucker’s bagels (the giant bagel featured below) and one which was even better at Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company. The Brooklyn bagel shop located in Chelsea had a giant line up, but it was well worth it because it was the most delicious bagel I’ve ever had in my entire life.

All the smears at Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company

As for another classic NYC food item, pizza, we got Joe’s Pizza. We ordered the classic pepperoni pizza and it was very tasty. I would have probably preferred having pizza at B Squared, which has more unique toppings, but Joe’s Pizza served the classic NYC style pizza which you also have to try while visiting the city.

Being Asian, another food item I had to try was noodles. We first tried Xi’an Famous Foods noodles, which are fast, takeout noodles but they were good, nonetheless. Michelle and I shared the cumin lamb noodles, which were very thick noodles that were very chewy in texture. But the best noodles we had hands down was the ramen at Ichiran. It is a Michelin star winning restaurant, and the dining experience there is very unique. You are seated in single stalls with enclosures so that you are sitting essentially by yourself, and you have a call button to call the waiter, otherwise the blinds are drawn so that you have a very private dining experience.

Xi’an’s Famous Foods
Ichiran NY

In terms of desserts, Paris Baguette, a Korean pastry and dessert café, was wonderful. Their desserts were not too sweet, which made for a perfect treat. As well, we tried Eileen’s Special Cheesecake (featured on Buzzfeed’s Worth It and was a Worth It winner) which also had delicious and not-too-sweet cheesecakes. Our consensus was that the strawberry cheesecake was the most delicious.

Paris Baguette
Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

Lastly, the best coffee I’ve ever had was at Blue Bottle Coffee. I had heard so many good things about this place, and after trying it I can now understand why. The coffee is so smooth, and has zero bitterness. I loved it so much that I had it every day that I was in NYC, and brought some beans to have back home! I highly recommend checking out Blue Bottle Coffee.


The best shopping had to be at Calypso, a little flea market in SOHO. There are many vendors there, and I picked up a Yankees hat for $25 USD only! Souvenir shops sell them for $40 on average so this was a steal.

Michelle and me in SOHO

We also went to Macy’s which was full of festive decorations which we really enjoyed. Unfortunately, there isn’t the best shopping in the Macy’s as usual but it was worth visiting just to take in the gorgeous holiday decorations.

Michelle and me at Macy’s

Lastly, we visited a LEGO store which was fantastic! I picked up the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V to build with my boyfriend. He considers it one of the best gifts he’s ever received, so it was a huge win! See the below picture for me with the LEGO bag, for scale.

I hope this blog post inspires a trip to New York City for you! What other places would you recommend that I haven’t mentioned yet? Leave a comment below.

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